Nikki came to weigh all the horses on my yard prior to worming, so I could ensure correct worming doses for each horse. A very friendly, efficient and most important of all an accurate service. Nikki was also very patient when some of our horses were being awkward. Highly recommended.
Silvia Schuler, Bewerley School of Horsemanship

I can't rate Nikki highly enough! She is totally independent and not tied to any particular feed company. We saved her fee after the first visit as she advised we were feeding too much and streamlined our regime. She was exceptionally thorough and I have total confidence that we have put in place an ulcer friendly diet for our stressy Arab x TB. The fact our horse has ulcers is causing me many anxious moments and Nikki is more than happy to answer my constant questions and explain why she has recommended the diet she has put in place. We now have quarterly visits so that our horses diet can be tweaked throughout the year.
Michelle Bell, Harrogate

Nikki is absolutely fabulous. She is so kind and lovely around the horses, she brings knowledge and expertise to the world of equine nutrition. Nikki recently visited myself and my mare and produced a fantastic guide of what my mare should be consuming, her work is factual and attentive to the horse's needs. She provided me with information that has given me insight to my horses diet as well as giving me handy tips. My mare's skin condition has cleared and her coat is now healthy and shiny. I look forward to my future appointments with Nikki as she really is phenomenal!
Isabelle Nuttall, Derbyshire

I can't recommend Nikki enough. She really cares about her work and does a fantastic job of making sure the horses are being fed what they need to the very last detail. Thank you xx
Samantha Buttery, Castleford

I cannot thank Nikki enough for her help feeding my growing young horse. He was underweight and growing over 17hh. I was so desperate to feed him loads but I followed Nikki's advice and fed him a healthy diet with slow weight gain and it's been paying off ever since. My vet was also commenting on his fantastic diet and saying that in the long run it is so much better for the horse to have a healthy level of weight gain on such a healthy diet. Thank you Nikki.
Grace Addyman, Harrogate

A five star service! Nikki has been ever so helpful to us, delivering an exceptional consultation. All her tips and advice were specifically tailored to my mare's delicate condition and also focused on her previous health concerns. My mare had been through a rough period of colic episodes, along with many medical treatments. Nikki's detailed and accurate advice helped us through proper nutritional recommendations, gaining back our balance and wellbeing. Thank you so much for your precious help!
Elena Gardosi and Canette, Derbyshire

Huge thanks to our nutritionist Nikki for visiting us last week with her weigh bridge. Nikki is so helpful, knowledgeable and kind and even has Hope Pastures Fagan on loan from us! Managing our residents weights is an integral part of keeping them healthy and happy and diet can have such a positive or negative effect on this, so we appreciate Nikki's expert advice such a lot. Please get in touch with Nikki if you would like an independent nutritionist, she comes highly recommended!
Hope Pastures Rescue Centre, Leeds

After my horse came down with Laminitis and was diagnosed with EMS in May 2018, I turned to Nikki for help. I can't thank her enough for her help and for being so brutally honest with me when it was needed! I've never had to deal with either of these illnesses in over 20 years around horses and Nikki's guidance has been invaluable. At one point in his recovery he took a turn for the worse and I thought I might lose him, but now I've been able to ride him for the last couple of weeks and his weight loss is on the right track without having to starve him which is the most important thing to me! Thanks again Nikki, looking forward to having you as an invaluable part of the team for the rest of Ben's life! xxxx
Melanie Riley, Richmond, North Yorkshire

Nikki Helped both our boys and Paddy was lacking energy. Our vets are thrilled with them both! Paddy recently completed his first hunt and was magnificent. Although we have moved yards to Stockport, we still want Nikki to come to our new competition yard. Roo is thriving after serious operations and is now jumping and back to his mischievous self. A massive thank you to Nikki who we truly believe in wholeheartedly xx
Correen Thornton, Bolton

I turned to Nikki for help with my geriatric horse who has Cushing's and has suffered with winter scouring for the last 5 years. I exhausted all products on the market that were advertised to help, but all to no avail. I wanted independent, non-biased advice about how I could help my beloved horse. I was hugely impressed with how much information Nikki requested prior to developing a nutrition plan, she really couldn't have been more professional. Every angle of his husbandry and medical history were discussed. Even after a thorough consultation, Nikki was extremely approachable - if I had any more information to provide or needed any further advice. I am extremely happy to report that 3 weeks after commencing a nutrition plan designed by Nikki, my old boy has been doing exceptionally well. Just can't believe that he is now passing solid motions and I am not having to bathe his legs in the horrible cold weather. Can't thank Nikki enough x
Amy-Jo Harrington, Middlesex

Nikki has helped my horse find his mojo! I had no problems with my old horse of 25 years, always easy, however, his successor not so simple. Struggled to maintain energy levels when in lesson type situations. Nikki weighed him, body scored, listened to what I felt was missing and took detailed information as to his current feed and exercise. Informative report received and acted upon, energy restored without any madness! Happy customer, thank you
Lesley Wood, Ripon

Nikki has visited my Friesian youngster twice now and all I can say is WOW! After noticing some behavioural changes, I called on Nikki to see if his old feed was an issue and it was a very unsuitable feed for youngsters! He was put on some new feeds and the change in him is amazing! Not only does he look happy, but his condition has dramatically improved. Normally he loses his condition throughout the winter and loses some condition in his mane and tail, but this year he has stayed glossy and black, the condition of his mane and tail has been amazing and I have noticed a more rapid growth in his mane! After being under the guidance of Nikki, Ferdinand has a perfect body condition score and is the happiest he has been! I don't know what I did without Nikki before, her advice and guidance is invaluable.
Alana Fowler, Cumbria

I would definitely recommend Nikki. She is very knowledgeable, professional and very approachable. She can cater specifically for your horses needs without being biased with the market products. She came to do a demonstration on one of our camps and our clients were delighted with her! We have asked her to return in September.
Deane Musharbash, Holistic Horse Camp, Yorkshire

I learned a lot from having Nikki visit and I would highly recommend her. She is very knowledgeable, so friendly and happy to answer any questions in a respectful way. The report I received back was very thorough and I am happy to continue to use Nikki for further visits to keep us on the best path possible for my mare's health and nutrition. Thank you Nikki, I look forward to the next visit.
Justine McClelland, Black Isle, Inverness-Shire

Nikki is so helpful and is always there to answer my (many!) questions. She has helped me so much with my horse and I can't recommend her enough. Anyone who is looking for a helpful, friendly nutritionist, definitely go to Nikki!
Alice Readman, Teeside

I would highly recommend Nikki to everyone. Firstly, Nikki is so friendly and really takes the time to get to know you and your horse. The service received was outstanding. Nikki provided us with unbiased, professional information that has already allowed us to see positive changes in my horses behaviour and weight. Not only this, Nikki is amazing at staying in touch to track progress and answer any questions (no matter how silly they may seem). A 5 star experience and a lovely lady. I can't wait for our follow-up appointment.
Victoria Morrell, Harrogate